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On 5 September 1940, her Excellency Lady Zara Gowrie, wife of the then Governor-General of Australia opened the Lady Gowrie Child Centre in Victoria Park, at a public gathering. During the years 1939 to 1940, six centres were opened across Australia, one in each state. These centres were originally established by the Australian Commonwealth Government as demonstration centres for children, educators and programs. Because of the inspiration provided by Lady Zara Gowrie, it was decided that each of the six centres would bear her name.

Gowrie WA operates three early childhood education and care centres, employing educators and support staff that are passionately committed to building secure, trusting and strong relationships with children and families. Our adherence to the Early Years Framework and National Quality Standards is something we are proud of as is the dedication we have for ensuring children are provided with the very best care and education while growing and developing through the early years of life.

Gowrie WA also operates two family and community centres, located in Leeming and Karawara. These multi-faceted service models incorporating the community hub concept, provide a range of integrated services and programs for children, families and the community. Vacation care, playgroups, dance classes, information sessions, church groups, other like-minded organisations, language classes, craft groups and Gowrie initiated and implemented programs all share in the buzz that can be seen and felt in our family and community centres.

With our early established high quality childhood education and care centres, and dedicated family and community centres, Gowrie WA provides healthy and nurturing learning environments for our children, families and community, built on the foundations and dreams of both Lady Zara Gowrie and the wonderful educators and support staff that make Gowrie what it is today.

Our Strategic Plan

These are the four key focus areas in our strategic plan:

  • Achieving best practice
  • Building a positive reputation
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Financial sustainability

Annual Report 2015 - 2016

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