The Board of Directors

The Gowrie WA Board is comprised of six directors who are dedicated to supporting the organisation.  The Board meets monthly to ensure the strategic direction and overall progress of Gowrie WA remains true to our vision, purpose and values.
It is with gratitude that we thank the Gowrie WA Board for their continued support, encouragement and dedication.


Nick Wood

The Board is led by Nick Wood who has been on the Gowrie WA Board since July 2009. Nick holds the role of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Telethon Kids Institute.
He is married to Anna and they are the proud parents of five children.  Nick is passionate about children and families having access to quality, contemporary and integrated child care and associated services, and he is dedicated to building community capacity which is evidenced in his career, his extensive experience and his knowledge.


Anthony Smith
Deputy Chairperson

Anthony joined the Gowrie WA Board in 2016.  Lifelong learning is a personal value for Anthony and he is excited at being able to contribute to the development of Gowrie WA and the young lives supported through the organisation’s early learning values and objectives.  He is married to Tracy and they have 2 teenage children and he has seen the benefit that a positive approach to the early learning years provides.

Anthony is currently Deputy Chief Executive Officer at St John Ambulance WA and holds other non-executive responsibilities.  Anthony has enjoyed working across corporate, not for profit and government organisations and is pleased to be able to share this experience in the ongoing development of Gowrie WA.


Jodie Holbrook
Board member

Jodie joined the Gowrie WA Board in March 2013. Jodie has worked to support the development of communities for the past 15 years in both government and non-government positions. She is committed to the development of accessible quality services for children and their families. Jodie believes in the need for greater investment and integration of early year’s services across Western Australia, especially in rural and remote areas.
As a mother of two young boys who have both experienced the services the Gowrie offer, Jodie is equipped to support the Gowrie WA organisation with firsthand experience, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Rohan Wallace
Board member

Rohan joined the Gowrie WA Board in February 2012. He is married to Kristina and is the proud father of three daughters. Rohan and Christina have accessed Gowrie WA early education and care centres to provide child care for their daughters. It is through this experience that Rohan feels passionate about fulfilling the vision of Gowrie WA to ensure we work together to provide healthy and nurturing learning environments for our children, families and community.
Rohan brings a wealth of knowledge to Gowrie WA through his experience as a patent attorney at his owned and operated practice.


Alex Lustig
Board member

Alex joined the Gowrie Board in February 2013.  He has practiced law for 16 years and is a partner of Jackson McDonald (Perth’s largest independent law firm). Like the other Board members, Alex is passionate about access to high quality education in the early years as well as ensuring related services are available. He is a Fellow of Leadership WA and brings to the Board experience in governance in the not for profit sector and legal skills in the area of insurance, risk and occupational safety and health. Alex believes in Gowrie’s mission and is excited to be part of it. 
In his spare time, he chases his three young children and tries to remember what his wife has asked him to do.


Simon White
Board member

Simon is an employee relations consultant working for an employer association in the resources sector. He has experience working with clients across a wide range of industries in the field of employee relations for the last 17 years. Simon holds a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management plus a Business Degree with a double major in Industrial Relations and Management. Simon joined the Gowrie WA Board in March 2013
With a young family, Simon supports the role and services offered by Gowrie WA and is excited to be involved in its growth.