Event Flyers

Playgroup In The Park 

Playgroup In The Park offers a playgroup environment, outdoors. The sessions provide an inclusive and supportive group environment where parents, guardians and carers can spend time with their child/ren, meet new people and seek and share information. You will also be able to obtain some valuable information to assist your child’s learning, through play.

Grandparents Playgroup 

Grandparents Playgroup offers a safe, supportive and developmentally appropriate environment for children aged four years and under. Grandparents and other significant carers are invited to spend time with their child/ren, meet new people and gain new ideas.


Exciting afternoon activity session for primary school aged children.
Kaleidoscope offers children a fun filled afternoon of supervised craft, sport, cooking and creative activities. Family, friends and guardians have the opportunity to stay at the centre and relax with a cuppa, or drop their child(ren) off and return to pick them up by 5:00pm. Each week a different fun-filled and fantastic play based activity is offered.

Stay and Play 

Stay and Play offers a playgroup environment for babies, infants and young children where guardians can spend time with their child, meet new people and children, and seek information.